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I have been programming computers since about 1975, today I use html5, php5, css3, and javascript to write websites. I also know how to use wordpress and other cms type programming systems. I also use mysql, but for small websites a "flat file" database is easier and just as quick. It can also be changed in Excel or other spreadsheet program.

At the moment I have several web sites online. The first is my personal collection of anti-American Propaganda on stamps and letters I call it Yankee Go Home!. While I lived in Germany I wrote an online store (in English) for German Stamps, this site has a shopping cart so that I could sell German stamps on line. The cart automatically figures the postage and PayPal fees. It also has allot of stuff for collectors of German stamps. This is the link: WartHog Stamps.

Due to living in Germany most of my programming was done in German. To give you a couple of examples, first is a group of three loan calculators. I wrote these for a company that had several loan web sites in Germany and Switzerland. The software was the same behind the screen, I only changed the colors and money. The link for these is: calculators.

Lastly I wrote an automatic workout plan generator for a crossfit gym in Germany. Of course its in German, but it would be simple to translate the terms so that it could be used in an American gym. You just input the options that you want to use and the generator makes a plan for you that can be printed out. Due to copyright I put my own heading on my copy of this generator. Here is the link: Jim's Gym.

Contact me if I can help you with your programming needs. My email address is: Jim Hatridge

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