Repair and Program -- I can help you

How to (really) fix the virus on your computer!

I can remove the virus from your system. But if you don't change the way you compute I'll be back in a few weeks to do it again. I don't give guarantees with virus repair. Because if the user does not use safe computing then its just a matter of time before he has another virus.

So what to do?

Hard way

The hard way is to first add a good anti-virus program, I suggest AVG. Its simple and works, normally. Then never open an email attachment, in fact never open an email in Windows would be even better. Next is never go to a unknown web site, fact is just never surf the 'net at all. Always do whatever your anti-virus tells you to do. Lastly go to church and pray that you don't get another virus.

Easy Way

The simple answer is stop using MS Windows. The best answer is letting me install Linux on your system. I've used Linux on my computers since 1998 and never got a virus, it just can't happen. To stop virus, I suggest that you have me set up a dual boot system on your machine. What this means is that you will have both Windows and Linux on your system. When you turn your computer on, it will ask you which to use. When using Linux you do all of your email and web surfing. When using Windows you can run all the programs that are not on Linux. For example, eBay's Turbolister will never have a Linux version. Ebay will not make one. There are a few other programs like that. Or if you play games, most of the poplar ones only come in Windows.

People ask me about IE browser, MS word, Outlook, and photoshop, what about them in Linux.

In Linux:

When I do a Linux install on your system, I use SuSE linux and install with it, FireFox, LibreOffice, ThunderBird, and Gimp. That is all included in the install price.

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